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Where is your wealth?


Over the summer, I have missed a small handful of Sunday services due to traveling and having the privilege to serve our Providence Kids one Sunday of each month (shameless plug for volunteering here). Fortunately, I’ve been able to follow along with the sermon series via weekly podcasts (shameless plug for catching up on podcasts here). But the one thing I’ve ...

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The Complacency of Fools Destroys Them


Complacency is such a sneaky thing, but the beauty and challenge of Proverbs is that it confronts complacency directly in an either/or framework...

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Culture of Welcoming


The mindset is how we should view fostering a culture of welcoming in our body, our church. We are the body of Christ, and we want others to not only experience that body but become a part of it!...

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Life and Life To The Full


A culture of life comes from a recognition of our liberation. Before Christ lived the life that we could not live, took our place on the cross and defeated death, we were slaves to sin. But Jesus, at the cross, redeemed us. He literally purchased our freedom with the cost of his life and the currency of his blood. Therefore, we are now his and under his authority, because ...

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A Culture of Peace


If our desire as a church is to create a culture of peace, we can not only achieve that feat, but we can take it a step further and strive for a culture of forgiveness. I believe this sub-culture, within the greater culture of grace that we desire to cultivate, could be our greatest apologetic to the world....

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On Earth, As It Is In Heaven: A Rewording of The Beatitudes

Kenny Blog 2

As our church continues to walk through our preaching series on creating a culture of grace, Sean hit the nail on the head this past Sunday on how we will live and model that culture. A culture of grace looks like the beatitudes - arguably Jesus’s most notable sermon and arguably the single sermon that flipped the world on its head. Oftentimes, I know that I am guil...

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The Scandal of Grace: Creating A Culture of Humility

On November 30, 2013, college football rivals Alabama and Auburn were playing each other in the annual Iron Bowl. This game stands out in my memory more than any other because of the dramatic plot twist at the end of the game. To save many details, heavily favored Alabama decided to kick a long field goal late in the 4th quarter to try and break a 28-28 tie with Auburn and...

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Live As You Are Called


Life today makes it really easy to catch a glimpse into one another’s lives. With the quick tap of a finger, we can look into each other’s living rooms, closets, kitchens, fridges, vacations, birthdays, and even quiet moments. When we have the ability to see all of these things, it can become easy to entertain the idea that the life they live is the life we wan...

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Guest post from Tierce Green ...

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The Hustle

Hustle. A lot of us were probably made highly aware of the word because of a coach in junior high or high school. If not, we were certainly introduced to it by our mothers when they were trying to get us out the door for school, or a hair cut, or anything with a start time, really. Lately, the idea of hustling has gone past coaches leading conditioning drills or moms tryin...

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