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"To equip the saints for the work of ministry." 


Lead Pastor: Sean Eppers - Email

Pastor of Community: Josh Agnew - Email

Providence Kids Director - Melissa Peterson - Email

Providence North’s staff members carry out the necessary strategies which proceed from Providence North’s mission and vision. The pastoral staff members are tactical leaders, whom God has called to practically implement the vision in a variety of different ways. Additionally, our staff team is called to be equippers of the saints for ministry, fulfilling the various roles mentioned in Ephesians 4:11-12.


Sean Eppers

Scott Peterson

Adam Martin 

The board of directors is charged with guarding the doctrine of the church, which is articulated in our affirmation of faith as well as governing the main vision and mission of the church.


Scott Peterson

Kevin Dicharry

Reece Goodman

Andrew Poole

The financial board is an independent team that works along side our board of directors. They are an outside set of accountability and leadership with regard to the stewardship of church resources. Practically they help determine how and where funds are allocated, staff salaries, outside support, and an approval process to protect the financial integrity of the church.


Providence North is seeking to become an elder-led church, which means that we believe that the church should be overseen by a plurality of men who serve as spiritual leaders, as we see in the Ephesian church in Acts 20 and elsewhere in the New Testament. We are currently in process of prayerfully selecting an elder board that will guide Providence North under the direction of Scripture and the Holy Spirit. The elders will be charged with three primary tasks at Providence North:

  • Guard the doctrine of the church, which is articulated in our Affirmation of Faith
  • Govern main vision and mission of the church
  • Exercise church discipline according to Matthew 18:15-20 and other Scriptures